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Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary (Paper) (2nd Edition) (Phasal Verbs Dictionary)
Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary (Paper) (2nd Edition) (Phasal Verbs Dictionary) The most extensive phrasal verbs dictionary available! All examples are corpus-based, and all definitions are written using the 2,000-word Longman Defining Vocabulary, so they are easy to understand.- 5,000 phrasal verbs, including new ones from computing, business, and the Internet.- Unique Phrasal Verbs Activator(R) helps learners choose the right phrasal verb for the context.- Clear grammar patterns show how to use phrasal verbs.
Longman Dictionary of American English (Paperback With PIN) (5th Edition)
Longman Dictionary of American English The Fifth Edition of Longman Dictionary of American English is the key to vocabulary building! Now with the full contents online, plus online Thesaurus and Vocabulary Checker. Clear and comprehensive - 109,000 words, meanings and phrases, including words from the Academic Word List. - 59,000 example sentences, showing thousands of academic words and collocations. - Clear definitions written using the Longman American Defining . - Vocabulary of just 2,000 common words. - Words for content areas such as Science and Social Studies. The key to vocabulary building - Collocation boxes show combination of words that are often used together, such as strong interest, highly successful, and take a test. - Integrated Thesaurus explains thousands of synonyms and antonyms. - 3,000 etymologies explain the origin of words -15,000 etymologies online. -Learner′s Handbook on Writing, Collocations and Grammar. - Workbook exercises for self-study and classroom use Entire contents online - Pronunciation of all the words and example sentences, and pronunciation practice. - Longman Vocabulary Checker: find out which type of vocabulary is used in the text you are reading and which words you should learn. - Thesaurus: choose the right word and build your vocabulary. - Topic Vocabulary: find all the words you need to write about common topics such as Describing Places, Technology, Sports and Relationships. - Academic Study Center with interactive exercises for vocabulary, reading and writing, and exam practice for TOEFL.
Longman Photo Dictionary Paper With Audio CDs
Longman Photo Dictionary Paper With Audio CDs - 1,000 colour photographs help students learn the words in context - 3,500 words in topic areas such as Food, Housing, Clothes for everyday life, as well as Computers, Jobs, Sports and Animals. - Conversation Activities on each page for practice in class. - Writing Activities help students learn vocabulary in an enjoyable way and help them use words in full sentences - 3 Audio CDs with all the words pronounced
Longman Essential Activator(R), New Edition, with CD-ROM (paper) (2nd Edition)
How does the Longman Essential Activator build vocabulary? * Students choose a word they already know such as better′. * They use the clear headings to find the right meaning. * They look at the different options clear definitions and plenty of examples make choosing the right word easy. * Grammar and common error information help students use the new word correctly. How does the Longman Essential Activator improve writing skills? * Students learn key vocabulary by topic with the colour Word Banks, and use the Writing Tips to structure essays correctly. * Students can practise their writing skills using the Longman Writing Coach CD-ROM. The Coach guides students through the stages of writing a full essay which they can check against the model essay provided. * Students can click from any word straight to the definition in the Longman Active Study Dictionary which is included in full on the CD-ROM. Dictionary Data *700 key concepts. *42,000 words, phrases and examples. * Over 1,500 usage notes, including notes on formal and informal words. *25 word banks with topic vocabulary and writing tips.
Longman Exams Dictionary Paper (With CD)
Longman Exams Dictionary Paper (With CD) Vocabulary Skills Students can focus on vocabulary for common exam topics. The Topic Activator is a highly effective tool that groups key vocabulary for topics such as the environment, computers and the media Writing Skills Students can work on improving their essay writing skills with the Essay Activator, which contains relevant vocabulary and collocations for essay writing with examples from authentic academic writing Exam Practice The dictionary increases your students′ chances of exam success with over 35 hours of interactive exam practice...
Longman Idioms Dictionary
Longman Idioms Dictionary - More than 6000 idioms from spoken and written English, like 'go postal', 'it′s all gone pear-shaped', and 'be on the same page' - Wide coverage of both American and British English - Clear, accurate definitions, written using the Longman 2000-word Defining Vocabulary - Unique Idiom Activator(R) helps you choose the right idiom - Thousands of examples
Longman Active Study Dictionary 5th Edition CD-ROM Pack
Longman Active Study Dictionary 5th Edition CD-ROM Pack The Longman Active Study Dictionary 5th Edition is an ideal dictionary for intermediate students who want a resource that will last them up to advanced levels. This updated edition contains more words and phrases, a new integrated thesaurus, new signposts and an updated CD-ROM making this the most comprehensive intermediate learner′s dictionary available. Key Features 100,000 words, phrases and meanings, including the Academic Word List 40,000 corpus-based examples Integrated Thesaurus explains 6,000 synonyms, antonyms and related words 20,000 Collocations show typical word combinations Clear definitions written using only 2,000 common words Free one-year online access Downloadable content for mobile phones
Longman Pocket English Dictionary (LPD)
Longman Pocket English Dictionary (LPD) - Over 16,000 words and phrases - Clear and easy definitions - Thousands of examples showing real usage - 15 pages of colour pictures
Longman Handy Learner′s Dictionary
Longman Handy Learner′s Dictionary - Over 28,000 words and phrases - Clear definitions written using the 2000 word Longman defining vocabulary - Portable format
Longman Pocket Idioms Dictionary (Dictionary (Longman))
Longman Pocket Idioms Dictionary (Dictionary (Longman)) - Over 3000 idioms - Clear and easy definitions - Thousands of examples showing real usage - Unique Activator(R) section