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My First Reading Library Level 1&2 – 50 PB
My First Reading Library Level 1&2 A box set of 50 paperback editions from the award-winning Usborne Very First Reading and First Reading series to inspire your child as he or she learns to read.The first 22 Very First Reading titles let your child, with your help, take the first steps in reading, following the phonics methods used in schools.The next 12 books are delightful short stories for children to try reading themselves, taken from the Usborne First Reading series Level One.16 further books with slightly longer stories from the Usborne First Reading series Level Two will build stamina and reading confidence.See Extras to view all titles in this box set. 
Illustrated Odyssey
Illustrated Odyssey A beautiful edition of Homer′s classic tale from Ancient Greece, vividly retold to delight modern readers. Dramatic, stylish illustrations bring to life brave Odysseus′ encounters with furious gods, bewitching goddesses, terrifying monsters and a man-eating Cyclops... A beautiful gift for any child who loves adventure stories.
Picture Books Gift Set – 20 Time-Honoured Stories
Picture Books Gift Set - 20 Time-Honoured Stories Titles in this collection (20) Jack and the BeanstalkBlack BeautyThe Owl and the PussycatThe Town Mouse and the Country MouseThe Magic Porridge potLittle Red Riding HoodThe Tinder boxThe Wind in the WillowsNoah′s ArkGoldilocks and the Three BearsThe Enormous TurnipSnow White and the Seven DwarfsAlice in WonderlandOld Macdonald had a FarmThe Gingerbread ManThe Story of Robin HoodThe Three Little PigsThe Reluctant DragonAnne of Green GablesCinderella 
Where Do Babies Come From?
Where Do Babies Come From? A delightful way for young children to discover where babies come from - from baby humans to kittens, caterpillars and kangaroos. Young children can lift the flaps to find out how babies are made, when they are born, what new babies need and how they grow. A charming, age-appropriate introduction to the facts of life to share with young children.
Wipe-clean Cards: Alphabet Cards
Wipe-clean Cards: Alphabet Cards
Science A Children′s Encyclopedia
Science A Children′s Encyclopedia A stunning visual encyclopedia for kids, covering every aspect of science Science: A Children′s Encyclopedia brings all the essentials of science from elements and energy to gravity and the Periodic Table to life with astonishing pictures for kids.Packed with fun facts for kids, this encyclopedia will dazzle your child with interesting facts on everything from electricity and engines to sound and waves. Full of high-quality photos and innovative graphics that help to demonstrate key concepts.  Science: A Children′s Encyclopedia uses clear, age-appropriate text that makes even complex topics easy to understand and is ideal for homework reference. Science: A Children′s Encyclopedia is the perfect accessible encyclopedia packed with pictures and fun facts for kids that will give a comprehensive introduction of key topics including gravity and the Periodic Table which entertain and inform children.
Cars, Trains, Ships and Planes
Cars, Trains, Ships and Planes A comprehensive kid′s encyclopedia packed with photos of all modes of transportation, from classic cars and motorbikes to sailboats and spaceships Cars, Trains, Ships and Planes displays exciting vehicles that float, fly or speed across the land, including the record breakers - the fastest, largest, longest and costliest modes of transportation ever to zoom, sail or soar. Explore over 1,000 different vehicles and discover fun facts and figures. This kid′s encyclopedia is the fastest route to learning about the entire history of all modern modes of transportation, from the first wheel to the latest hybrids. Cars, Trains, Ships and Planes is the perfect gift for young transport enthusiasts, who are revved up and ready to read.
Picture Books Gift Set – 20 Classics Fairytales
Picture Books Gift Set - 20 Classics Fairytales Titles in this collection (20) The Snow Queen - Hans Christian AndersenThe Town Mouse and the Country Mouse - Susanna Davidson & Jacqueline EastThe Wizard of Oz - Illustrated by Maure EvangelistaThe Twelve Dancing Princesses - Illustrated by Anna LuraschiThe Wind in the Willows - Illustrated by Mauro EvangelistaAlice in Wonderland - Illustrated by Mauro EvangelistaThe Story of Black Beauty - Illustrated by Alan MarksThe Secret Garden - Illustrated by Alan MarksThe Emperor′s New Clothes - Illustrated by Mike GordonGoldilocks and the Three Bears - Illustrated by Mike & Carl GordonLittle Red Riding Hood - Illustrated by Mike GordonThe Little Mermaid - Illustrated by Alan MarksThe Frog Prince - Illustrated by Mike GordonThe Nutcracker - Illustrated by Anna LuraschiThe Story of Pinocchio - Illustrated by Mauro EvangelistaThe Three Little Pigs - Illustrated by Georgien OverwaterThe Railway Children - Illustrated by Alan MarksThe Story of Heidi - Illustrated by Alna MarksThe Gingerbread Man - Illustrated by Elena TemporinBeauty and the Beast 
English Activity Pack
English Activity Pack
My Reading Library Level 3 – 50 PB
My Reading Library A brilliant boxset of 50 paperback books to help your child towards independent reading.The first 14 books are taken from Usborne First Reading Level Three. These stories, including many classic tales, are designed to boost developing readers’ confidence.The next 16 books are taken from Usborne First Reading Level Four. These slightly longer stories help increase readers’ stamina in a range of story styles.20 further books are taken from Usborne Young Reading Series One. Each of these books contains several lively short stories, or one longer story in easy-to-read chapters.See Extras to view all titles in this box set.
Dog Engaging and entertaining reference guide about dogs - perfect for younger readers. From identifying dog breeds and looking after your canine to their wild origins and their role as house pets,  Eyewitness Dog explains everything your child needs to know about dogs whether they love animals or need homework help for a school project.Packed with all the essential information from the previous edition  Eyewitness Dog is now more interactive and colourful than ever with new infographics, statistics, facts and timelines making the book more engaging and educational for your child.
Volcano Burst into the fiery world of volcanoes with this perfect project workbook - includes two pages of funky stickers Fully updated with pages of funky volcano stickers and even more games and activities, Eye Wonder Volcano is a fantastic guide to everything about these amazing natural phenomena. From slow flowing lava to what causes an eruption, do you know just how big the rocks that explode from a volcano are? And how far can a volcano explosion reach?Filled with colourful pictures and fun facts,  Eye Wonder Volcano is designed to encourage learning. Full of great ideas that will excite and inspire children to find out more about eruptions and how they happen.Supports the National Curriculum at Key Stage 2. The Eye Wonder series covers many subjects, from Ancient Rome and the Arctic to Dinosaurs and Weather. It provides perfect information for school projects and encourages learning for fun.