eBook EPUB/PDF/PRC miễn phí của tác giả “Xing Ruan”

New China Architecture – Paperback
New China Architecture Featuring hundreds of photographs and extensive commentary, this modern architecture and design book showcases the dynamic structures of today′s China. By China′s booming cities are evolving at a dizzying speed, and her new wealth has created a dynamic environment for architecture and construction. New China Architecture documents the spectacular transformation modern China has undergone in recent decades as the heady push to prosperity has inspired architects from China and around the globe to produce striking new designs. Award-winning professor of architecture, Xing Ruan, covers the entire range of China′s most captivating new building projects—from Shanghai skyscrapers to public buildings in Beijing and Guangzhou, and from cutting-edge private homes and gleaming new airports to theaters and universities throughout China. Over the past few decades, architects, urban planners, and design aficionados everywhere have watched China′s spectacular urban transformation with awe, and New China Architecture offers them a closer look at the country′s most innovative new buildings.