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Re-Imagining Animation – Paperback
Re-Imagining Animation 'Relevant and outstanding text, incredibly well written.' - Tom Joule, Miami International University of Art & Design, USA. 'Excellent book. Covers topics that very few books address in depth with regard to contemporary moving image practice.' - Marc Bosward, Derby University, UK. ′Re-imagining Animation is fantastic.′ Heather Freeman, UNC Charlotte, USA. ′Very refreshing in its approach. The short case studies are easy for students to digest, supported by a good range of images and captions.′ Rick Clapham, Stockport College, UK. ′This is an excellent book which grasps the challenges of moving image in a post-digital age. The illustrations and case studies are well presented to support pedagogic and research interests. I will highly recommend this text to colleagues and students.′ Iain Macdonald, Edinburgh Napier University, UK