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Success Adv: Student Book With CD – Paperback
Success Adv: Student Book With CD 1. Success provides a carefully structured and thorough grammar syllabus which will not create any unforeseen problems or surprises. 2. Each grammar lesson is comprised of three clearly defined teaching stages: Work it out! (analyse examples from the presentation), Check it out! (confirm their conclusions from the analyses) and Mind the trap! (draw students’ attention to areas of special difficulty and help pre-empt errors) 3. Grammar practice moves from controlled (providing focus on accuracy) to open-ended exercises that focus on communication. 4. Students can consolidate their knowledge in the revision sections after every second unit and on the Activator where more exercises are provided Vocabulary - The activation, extension and enrichment of vocabulary are an essential element of Success. - There’s a strong focus on the practice of common phrases, encouraging students to learn lexical chunks rather than isolated items - In each unit there are separate vocabulary sections that include word formation exercises, word webs, and other exercises - New vocabulary is revised in the Activator in special sections called ‘Vocabulary Activator’ and ‘Extend your Vocabulary’ (from Pre-Int onwards)