eBook EPUB/PDF/PRC miễn phí của tác giả “Mary Stewart - Diane Mowat”

OBWL (3 Ed.) 4: The Moonspinners – Paperback
OBWL (3 Ed.) 4: The Moonspinners When Nicola arrives in Crete a day early, she gets more than just an extra day of holiday. She comes to a village where no one can be trusted, and she becomes involved in a murder mystery that puts her own life in danger. This story is set in a small village in the mountains of Crete. This is an island where people have strong feelings, where arguments begin suddenly, and end quickly. And Nicola has arrived in the middle of an argument that could end very quickly - with a gun.
OBWL (3 Ed.) 5: This Rough Magic – Paperback
OBWL (3 Ed.) 5: This Rough Magic The Greek island of Corfu lies like a jewel, green and gold, in the Ionian sea, where dolphins swim in the sparkling blue water. What better place for an out-of-work actress to relax for a few weeks? But the island is full of danger and mysteries, and Lucy Waring′s holiday is far from peaceful. She meets a rude young man, who seems to have something to hide. Then there is a death by drowning, and then another . . .