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LinguaForum Toefl iBT Intro Vocabulary
You need a change of concept. This is the Vocabulary Building ABC from Linguaforum.Alphabetical Order Classify and memorize words in alphabetical order. You might be unfamiliar at first, but you will soon ger accustomed and build your vocabulary effectively. This will help you distinguish the words you already know from the words you do not.Brefly and Simply Learn words briefly and simply. Memorizing the example sentences that include the entry words is the most effective way for building vocabulary. But perhaps you tried it and failed. That is a problem that most learners in EFL have faced. Now, begin to learn words briefly and simply, only with their synonyms and antonyms.Continuously Learn words continuously and steadily. You need not necessarily leran them at your desk. If you read and memorize them every day wherever you are, you will find yourself making good progress in vocabulary.Now, let’s talk about your vocabulary level with confidence.'I know all the 1,500 words of the LinguaForum Toefl Intro Vocabulary ′definitely′.' Mời các bạn đón đọc!
Toefl iBT – Reading
Toefl iBT - Reading.
LinguaForum TOEFL iBT B Writing (Kèm 1CD)
LinguaForum TOEFL iBT b-Writing is intended for beginning students who want to study for the TOEFL iBT and is based on the most up-to-date research and information on the test.This book has been designed to: - help you get used to different expressions on various topics so that you can express yourself in English effectively and practice writing with great confidence.- prepare you for the TOEFL iBT Writing test by simply showing sample essays and guiding you through the fundamental steps in writing in response to both the Integrated Writing Task and the Independent Writing Task of the TOEFL iBT- give you extensive practice on paraphrasing and summarizing, which are the fundamentals of academic reading and writing skills.Obviously, it is never easy to write a good English essay, and it is difficult all the same to achieve a high score on the TOEFL iBT Writint test. But it does not necessarily mean that the task is impossible. Therefore, throught this book, we would like to provide you with a practical and easy-to-apply approach to deal with what often seems to be a very formidable section of the TOEFL iBT: Writing especially Intergrated Writing.It is our wish that after using LinguaForum TOEFL iBT b-Writing, you can get a good hold of the TOEFL iBT Writing basics and take further steps towards success later on. Mời các bạn đón đọc!
LinguaForum Frequency # 1 Toefl Vocabualary (Kèm 1CD)
ContentsFrequency No.1 - Accomplish to virtueFrequency No.2 - Accurate to vigorFrequency No.3 - Accuse to wieldFrequency No.4 - Accustomed to to zenithFrenquecy No.5 - Abandon to victimFrenquecy No.6 - Abhor to visionaryFrenquecy No.7 - Abide to worthFrenquecy No.8 - Absolutely to textileFrenquecy No.9 - Aesthetic to virtualFrenquecy No.10 - Absorb to vivid... Mời các bạn đón đọc!