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Blobitecture – Hardcover
Blobitecture The Apple iMac; the new VW Beetle; the Oh Chair; the Guggenheim Bilbao museum. These are all classic examples of blobism, a futuristic retelling of the curve, resulting in protoplasmic forms designed by computers. A growing number of inventive architects are now embracing this concept, making 'blobitecture' the hottest global trend in the industry. This title focuses exclusively on the phenomenon in detail: how the process works; the geometrics and environmental challenges it presents; the sophisticated software that allows artists to bend the lines of traditional architecture and the stunning work produced by this art form. Featuring curved walls to blob-esque furniture to Greg Lynn′s Embryological House and Koloatan and McDonald′s Title House, this is both a showcase of the best in blobism, illustrated through computer-drawn renderings, illustrations and photographs, and a guide to applying it in a designer′s own work.