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TOEIC Academy (Kèm CD)
TOEIC Academy (Kèm CD ) What Is Toeic?TOEIC, which stands for Test of English for International Communication, measures English proficiency in a work-related environment at advanced and intermediate levels. It is designed to give an accurate measurement of the English capabilities of people who d o not use English as their mother tongue. Each year there are 4 milion people from more than 60 countries taking the test for various purposes, from seeking job getting promotions. Reading ComprehensionLesson 01: Sentence StructureLesson 02: Nouns and ArticlesLesson 03: Adjectives and AdverbsLesson 04: AgreementLesson 05: Pronouns and Demonstrative AdjectivesLesson 06: Comparatives and SuperlativesLesson 07: To-infinitives and GerundsLesson 08: ParticiplesLesson 09: Active vs Passive ConstructionsLesson 10: Tenses and ConditionalsLesson 11: Conjunctions and PrepositionsLesson 12: Relative ClausesActual TestScripts and Answers