eBook EPUB/PDF/PRC miễn phí của tác giả “Jess Martin - Robert Majure”

Enjoy Your Stay (Kèm CD)
Enjoy Your Stay Enjoy Your Stay is a complete course for trainees and employees in the hotel industry, as well as students taking hospitality courses and general readers interested in the industry. This book is comprised of 30 units that meet the practical needs of industry-related personnel. Topics include reservations, checking in, services and facilities, housekeeping, emegencies, problems and solutions, checking out, and staff training. You will learn how to deal with guests properly in various situation, and will build your service skills. Every unit is divided into four regular parts: Conversation, Words and Expressions, Activity, and Exercises. By following the sequence, readers will study all aspect of Enlgish-speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Practical illustrations are also included in this book to help you develop better comprehension. This book makes your learning fun!
English For Hotels And Restaurants (Kèm CD)
English For Hotels And Restaurants This book is designed for the purpose of training college students that are taking catering and hospitality courses or for those who are in this service industry and want to continue with their training. The subjects are divided into Restaurants Part I and Hotels Part II and arranged by the service procedures, which allow you to learn step by step and strengthen your practical skills.