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Compassionate Careers: Making A Living By Making A Difference
Compassionate Careers: Making A Living By Making A Difference Many young people today are seeking something more--purpose, meaning, a cause.Compassionate Careers is filled with examples of people who have meaningful jobs in cause-focused organizations. These stories capture their spirit, intelligence, imagination, and heart. The book is an inspirational guide to finding purpose-driven work and offers advice to anyone who feels that sitting on the sidelines is just not enough. It includes:- Stories from people of all walks of life who have jobs that make a difference, including Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, and Dave Matthews.- Information on how to get started in a cause-focused career.- An online assessment that identifies the type of organizational culture for which you are best suited.- Exercises and resources for hands-on exploration of compassionate career opportunities.An old Yaqui Indian proverb reads, 'If you have a choice of paths to take in life, take the path with a heart.' Compassionate Careers will show you how.