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Municipal Architecture – Hardcover
Municipal Architecture This book collects recent completed civic office buildings world wide. Various types of civic office buildings are included, such as government office building, justice center, fire station, Emergency Operations Center, shelter and etc. With abundant beautiful pictures, you would find an all-round illustration of different designs of the up-to-date civic office buildings. While emphasizing the function of public service and government administration, the architects present the buildings with diverse styles and distinctive features. Here readers would be fascinated by the elegant charm of the architecture and some of the designers here, with amazing and stunning creativity, offers us an authentic view of the world civic office buildings which illustrated with exquisite picture and limpid texts.
Modern Bank Designs – Hardcover
Modern Bank Designs As society modernizes, the design of modern banks has become an important method to promote the overall image of banks and has played a significant role in the improvement of a bank′s professional image and economic efficiency. Taking typical bank architecture and interior design cases as a starting point, this book inspires rader with bank architectural forms and interior space creations. This book is divided into three parts: building shape, public space, and VIP space. Architecture projects have magnificent presentations in form shaping, facade management, detailing, and so on. Interiro projects get rid of obsolete design and replace it with fresh modern styles. Various design elements are outlined, highlighting the individuality of modern banks.