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OpenMind Essentials: Student Book With Workbook – Paperback
OpenMind Essentials: Student Book With Workbook Mind Series is a seven-level series for young adults which is based on the idea that for students to succeed in this dynamic and global world they need to become competent not only in English, but also in vital higher-order skills that apply to their academic, professional and social lives. Mind Series provides learners with ′language essentials′, ′skills′, ′lifeSkills′ and ′learner development′ to prepare and empower them to function effectively within their wider social, cultural and economic environments. OpenMind caters for beginner to pre-intermediate levels and masterMind is for those at intermediate to advanced level. masterMind retains many of the features of openMind while catering for the changes in interests, competencies and needs at this higher level.