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3ds Max 2010 Architectural Visualization – Hardcover
3ds Max 2010 Architectural Visualization Brimming with tutorials and practical production techniques from dozens of experts in multiple fields of 3D, this book is arguably the finest collection of 3D talent ever assembled under one title. Written for advanced users in any field, but flavored for those in visualization, this book is a collection of 20 independent chapters containing some of the most sophisticated learning material ever written for 3D. The goal is to take readers from an advanced level to an expert level by providing a straight-forward, production-oriented discussion of difficult subject matter not available anywhere else. To create a book of this caliber, 3DATS recruited a team of over 50 experts, including 20 authors, 20 technical reviewers, and more than a dozen other production professionals. Each is an expert in his or her field, and the result is 720 pages of writing that will challenge users at any skill level. A quick glance at the names and companies that helped make this book a reality will reveal the sheer magnitude of talent that went into its writing. At the beginning of the book is a foreword by Tom Hudson, the father of 3ds Max. There, Tom talks about the early days of 3D Studio and how his humble code became the incredible program that it is today.