eBook EPUB/PDF/PRC miễn phí của tác giả “Arthur Gao”

HOPSCA – Hardcover
HOPSCA HOPSCA (hotel, office, parking, shopping mall, convention, and apartment) is a rising concept for architecture design. With the fast pace of urbanization, we search for an efficient self-sufficient urban model. The projects here make a breakthrough from traditional single-function projects such as commercial places, offices, residences, entertaining places, transportation projects, and so on, to the establishment of organic relationships among them. Here you would find the popular understanding and practice of the burgeoning concept of HOPSCA.
50 Awarded Architecture – Hardcover
50 Awarded Architecture With fifty distinctive award-winning projects carefully selected, the book covers seven categories of architecture: commercial, office, culture, religious, sports, science and technology, and industrial. Each featured project is shown with plenty of images, plans, drawings, diagrams, and an explicit description. The book looks into the current situation faced by international architects and inquires into the possibility of architecture implementation in different cultural contexts, providing a sensitive visual experience as well as sources of inspiration.
Public Square Landscapes – Hardcover
Public Square Landscapes This title focus on the great projects of the landscape design round the public square all over the world. You could find the concept you need in the book.