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Cover Art By – Paperback
Cover Art By The album cover is a subject of perennial interest among graphic designers. Sleeve design remains a popular subject for college projects, and many young working designers aspire to design for the music industry. Revealing state-of-the-art contemporary music graphics, Cover Art By: is packed with more than 400 examples of sleeve art. As well as CD and album covers, the insides of CD booklets and the backs of vinyl sleeves are shown. The book opens with an in-depth essay reviewing the current scene, then focuses on the work of 30 international designers/labels who are the most influential in the field, making this a must-have for designers and students, as well as music industry professionals and fans.
Creative Island 2 – Paperback
Creative Island 2 Following the success of the first volume, 'Creative Island 2' takes an entirely fresh look at the extraordinary range and quality of design in Britain today, including work from 25 design disciplines from architecture and engineering to fashion and jewellery; from new media and graphics to theatre and retail design, and many more. Showing over 100 recent projects, and also featuring design ideas and visuals of work that is yet to be realised, each one tells the designers stories of their work in their own words. Through a series of themes, John Sorrell explores the relationships between different projects and the way in which different disciplines cross-fertilize which, he argues, is the key reason for the current wealth of inspired design from Great Britain.
100 Classic Graphic Design Journals – Hardcover
100 Classic Graphic Design Journals 100 Classic Graphic Design Journals surveys a unique collection of the most influential magazines devoted to graphic design, advertising, and typography. These journals together span over 100 years of the history of print design and chart the rise of graphic design from a necessary sideline to the printing industry to an autonomous creative profession. Each magazine is generously illustrated with a large selection of spreads and covers. A descriptive text based, where possible, on interviews with editors, designers, and publishers is also included for each magazine alongside comprehensively researched bibliographic material. The magazines featured cover a range of industries and eras, from advertising (Publimondial, La Pubblicità Italiana), posters (Das Plakat, Affiche), and typography (Typografische Monatsblätter, Typographica), to Art Nouveau (Bradley, His Book), Modernist design (Neue Grafik, ULM) and Post-Modern and contemporary graphics (Emigre, It′s Nice That). These 100 journals offer an invaluable resource to historians and students of graphic design, and a rich seam of visual research and inspiration for graphic designers.
New Chinese Architecture – Hardcover
New Chinese Architecture Over the last five years, China has experienced an unprecedented boom in architecture and has become the most dynamic and active region in the world. The complex fusion of both Chinese and Western influences has given its architecture a unique style.This comprehensive, wide ranging book showcases the most exciting projects of recent years, with extensive imagery together with clear line drawings. It covers buildings all over China and of every type and scale: houses, schools, universities, offices, retail spaces, galleries, and museums. Across its 480 pages this book provides the most complete survey of contemporary Chinese architecture to date and will be indispensable for architects, students, and all those with an interest in architecture.
New Glass Architecture – Hardcover
New Glass Architecture Much of modern architecture has been conceived using glass to create minimal structures, to extol the notion of lightweight construction solutions and to allow maximum daylight into buildings. However, it is only in the last 15 years that the full potential of glass architecture has been realised. Brent Richards demonstrates that a new aesthetic in glass architecture has arrived, one that emphasizes opacity, depth, discovery, mystery and shadow and uses glass to generate a multi-sensory experience. The book begins with an introduction that traces the history of the key moments of glass in architecture and describes developments in glass technology over the last 20 years. It goes on to feature 25 recent examples of glass architecture, with specially commissioned colour photographs by the renowned architectural photographer Dennis Gilbert.
Look At This – Paperback
Look At This Printed brochures, catalogs, and multi-page documents form the bedrock of many graphic designers′ daily practice. Most printed literature is disposable: today s hot communication document is tomorrow′s landfill. But the best brochures, catalogs and documents have a permanence and organic completeness that has become essential in this ephemeral, and increasingly electronic, world of instant communications. This book features the best of contemporary printed literature design. It offers a critical survey of current work by leading practitioners from the U.S., Europe and the Far East. Arranged in a designer-by-designer format and accompanied by interviews, this book offers a complete and informative picture of this popular subject.