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Resort Spa Việt Nam (Quyển Số 4)
Resort Spa Việt Nam Travel isn’t what it used to be, and tourists are taking note. Pummelled by financial woes, security concerns - even unpredictable volcanoes - tourists from around the world are to be forgiven if their appetite for far flung destinations has somewhat cooled. Vietnam’s tourism industry has not been spared, but is now hard at work to re-establish it’s shine and growth trajectory. The overall outlook and prospects are good – real estate and hospitality investors are back in numbers, and many projects throughout the country have been revived and expanded. Vietnam, it seems, continues to be one of the most fascinating destinations in Asia, and visitors from everywhere sample its many new resorts, spas and attractions. Take for example the l’Anmien Resort & Spa in Phan Thiet, Blue Moon Hotel & Spa in Dalat, set into a romantic natural landscape. Or the Evason Ana Mandara & Six Senses-Spa in Nha Trang, featuring a wide range of professional treatment programs. Or the soft touch of skilled masseuses at Spa Siam, Jasmine and many other spas around the country. Vietnam is getting more and more prepared to satisfy the quest for discovery and new experiences. So don’t hesitate - come to Vietnam now, and sample its delightful resort, food and entertainment options. Vietnam is waiting to welcome you soon. (JADE HUYNH - Publisher)
Gourmet Vietnam
Gourmet Vietnam Vietnam’s restaurant service standards may still be a long way from truly international class. Things that are seen as essential at five-star eateries around the world, complete with weekly changing exclusive menus, and waiters who remember your name and your wine preferences, continue to be rare. On the positive side though, there is a fast growing number of new restaurants opening up every week, offering a wide range of experiences for both gourmet and adventure diners alike. Even a few years ago, who in Vietnam would have imagined that? Take for example La Mint by Danh, a hidden gem in Saigon’s Ngo Van Nam Street. The restaurant is known for fresh local ingredients, fused into well-executed international dishes. Try their pan seared duck confit with mushroom risotto, or their chilled chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream. On the same street, you can experience the modern take on Vietnamese cuisine at Si, while dining surrounded by art and sculptures. Steak lovers head for the elegant New York Steakhouse, or the more rustic El Gaucho, recently joined by the new Canada Steakhouse in Saigon. For weekend family gatherings, little can beat a lavish Sunday brunch, to enjoy different tastes from around the world - all under one roof. In this edition, we introduce the latest greatest Sunday brunches in both Saigon and Hanoi, places where you can be seen, and connect with friends and family while enjoying a glass of champagne or prosecco. Whether you are a tourist or a local resident - Gourmet Vietnam offers you the complete experience of Vietnam’s dining scene. We hope you will enjoy this, our tenth edition of Gourmet Vietnam, and with its help select the right restaurant for your first date, an important business meeting, or simply a romantic dinner with your love ones. Bon appetite! (JADE HUYNH - Publisher)