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Libraries – Hardcover
Libraries This book presents recently completed libraries from around the world. Readers will experience how the architects deal with the special functions of the library setting, how they combine architecture and books, and how they reflect local architecture styles. Both architecture and interior design are covered, making this a practical reference for professional architects and interior designers.
Detached Commercial Architecture – Hardcover
Detached Commercial Architecture The book focuses on the planning and design of commercial architecture that belongs to one brand. Nowadays companies tend to build single buildings for their own brands to highlight their brand value and characters. The book includes more than 20 amazing projects from different countries with various styles. These projects interpret basic architectural vocabulary of detached commercial buildings and demonstrate design principles comprehensively. Each project has its unique characteristics: some use unique forms and skillful colour combination to give unique features to the buildings, some emphasise integration with environment, some place the buildings in historical and cultural inheritance, some use new materials and reasonable texture to reinforce the expression, some focus on the use functions, some conform to contemporary requirements of low carbon and energy saving…The content is divided into four parts: architecture with shopping environment, architectural forms and materials, color, and eco-architecture. The projects are presented in combination with design guidelines, depicting the international status of detached commercial architecture now.
Green Architecture – Hardcover
Green Architecture This book not only presents green architecture, but also tells architects how to combine new concepts with materials, and how to deal with the problems they often confront in the process of conception and construction. As the concepts of environmental protection and energy recycling are gradually becoming more important, green architecture has begun to receive global attention. Green architecture is durable and adaptable, enhances its surroundings, fits functionally and aesthetically into its setting, and creates culturally valuable indoor and outdoor spaces.
European Style Hotels – Hardcover
European Style Hotels This book selects thirty typical hotels in European style. These projects truly demonstrate the representative features of European style, reflecting how the style influences other design elements. This is very constructive in understanding and designing the interiors for hotels at present. In addition, a lot of classical style details, furniture, and furnishings are truly represented in this book, which is particularly of great reference value for the application of symbols in design.
HOPSCA – Hardcover
HOPSCA HOPSCA (hotel, office, parking, shopping mall, convention, and apartment) is a rising concept for architecture design. With the fast pace of urbanization, we search for an efficient self-sufficient urban model. The projects here make a breakthrough from traditional single-function projects such as commercial places, offices, residences, entertaining places, transportation projects, and so on, to the establishment of organic relationships among them. Here you would find the popular understanding and practice of the burgeoning concept of HOPSCA.
Municipal Architecture – Hardcover
Municipal Architecture This book collects recent completed civic office buildings world wide. Various types of civic office buildings are included, such as government office building, justice center, fire station, Emergency Operations Center, shelter and etc. With abundant beautiful pictures, you would find an all-round illustration of different designs of the up-to-date civic office buildings. While emphasizing the function of public service and government administration, the architects present the buildings with diverse styles and distinctive features. Here readers would be fascinated by the elegant charm of the architecture and some of the designers here, with amazing and stunning creativity, offers us an authentic view of the world civic office buildings which illustrated with exquisite picture and limpid texts.
Hotel Proposals – Hardcover
Hotel Proposals The book is a selection of outstanding hotel proposals around the world in recent years. It introduces the modern hotel design ideas that would be trends in the future. Also, many new and advanced solutions and strategies of hotel design are involved. Generally, this is a collection of the designers’ vision for best future hotels. The book will bring new ideas and inspirations to designers to create more relaxing and comfortable hotel spaces.
Modern Bank Designs – Hardcover
Modern Bank Designs As society modernizes, the design of modern banks has become an important method to promote the overall image of banks and has played a significant role in the improvement of a bank′s professional image and economic efficiency. Taking typical bank architecture and interior design cases as a starting point, this book inspires rader with bank architectural forms and interior space creations. This book is divided into three parts: building shape, public space, and VIP space. Architecture projects have magnificent presentations in form shaping, facade management, detailing, and so on. Interiro projects get rid of obsolete design and replace it with fresh modern styles. Various design elements are outlined, highlighting the individuality of modern banks.
French Museum Architecture – Hardcover (2014)
French Museum Architecture Museums are the mark of civilization on a city. Whether repositories of the past or tools for communicating about the world around us, they play a vital part in cultural life, reaching out to the local inhabitants and to visitors from around the world. Both showing and on show, presenting and representing, museums leave a lasting impression of a major city and can forge the reputation of lesser-known localities, literally putting them on the tourist map. As such, they are also architectural and urban symbols whose influence extends far beyond that of the collections they house, making the architect′s role a primary one. France′s rich and varied museum offerings range from establishments dating back to the late seventeenth century to groundbreaking structures still under construction. Designing a museum involves not only conceiving the best way to reveal their collections, but also how to welcome and serve visitors, and how to incorporate the spaces needed for behind-the-scences work of curating, restoring, cataloguing, and storing.
International Competition – Hardcover
International Competition This book International Competition contains 100 projects from the world, which are put into six categories: Commercial & Office, Complex, Culture & Sports, Planning, Public Facilities, Residence. The book shows the special ideas and thoughts of the architects to the readers and will be a valuable resource for architects
Urban Park Landscape – Hardcover
Urban Park Landscape Urbanization around the world is happening at unprecedented levels. Urban parks are a precious natural environment within our urban setting. Designing them well, to accommodate both the life and development demands of the present while also looking forward to the needs of our future generations and landscapes, requires a comprehensive look at creating healthy ecosystems and prosperous mega cities and how the two can coexist in the twenty-first century. This book includes many world fabulous urban park landscapes. Through comprehensive presentation of pictures, explicit explanation of technical drawings, and detailed descriptions, the book can be a useful tool for designers to gain some inspiration and enlightenment.
Thriving China – Paperback
Thriving China Thriving China is a collection of recent contemporary Chinese architecture. The 35 projects selected from 16 well known contemporary Chinese architects reveal a glimpse of the ambition to integrate Western styles alongside a devotion to Chinese heritage, Their efforts in re-interpreting Chinese architecture in a global context cab be seen in these projects which include Museums, industrial and Media Parks, Community , Cultural and Tourist Buildings.