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Longman Dictionary of American English (Paperback With PIN) (5th Edition)
Longman Dictionary of American English The Fifth Edition of Longman Dictionary of American English is the key to vocabulary building! Now with the full contents online, plus online Thesaurus and Vocabulary Checker. Clear and comprehensive - 109,000 words, meanings and phrases, including words from the Academic Word List. - 59,000 example sentences, showing thousands of academic words and collocations. - Clear definitions written using the Longman American Defining . - Vocabulary of just 2,000 common words. - Words for content areas such as Science and Social Studies. The key to vocabulary building - Collocation boxes show combination of words that are often used together, such as strong interest, highly successful, and take a test. - Integrated Thesaurus explains thousands of synonyms and antonyms. - 3,000 etymologies explain the origin of words -15,000 etymologies online. -Learner′s Handbook on Writing, Collocations and Grammar. - Workbook exercises for self-study and classroom use Entire contents online - Pronunciation of all the words and example sentences, and pronunciation practice. - Longman Vocabulary Checker: find out which type of vocabulary is used in the text you are reading and which words you should learn. - Thesaurus: choose the right word and build your vocabulary. - Topic Vocabulary: find all the words you need to write about common topics such as Describing Places, Technology, Sports and Relationships. - Academic Study Center with interactive exercises for vocabulary, reading and writing, and exam practice for TOEFL.